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COSCO SHIPPING Participates in China Brand Day Event

Date:2024-05-13 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

China Brand Day kicked off on May 10 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai city. COSCO SHIPPING displays multiple environmental-friendly projects.


COSCO SHIPPING Lines introduced Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies (BWBS) voluntary Vessel Speed Reduction Program, showing applications in ship noise reduction, emission reduction, and reducing the risk of blue whale collisions.


COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers emphasized its commitment to green development. Our digital management system monitors and evaluates the carbon emissions of over 100 ships sailing around the world. On March, the company signed with partners the Green and Low-Carbon Development Initiative.


COSCO SHIPPING Development introduced the world's first 700TEU pure electric container ship ZHONG YUAN HAI YUN LV SHUI 01 that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 2,918 tons annually, equivalent to 2,035 cars' emissions. That's like planting 160,000 trees.


COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry displayed its methanol duel-fuel ship types, including Aframax, 330k VLOC, 24000TEU container ship, etc., aimed to reduce emissions from shipping industry and the entire supply chain.




COSCO SHIPPING Technology introduced Low Carbon Platform, an energy consumption data management platform for ships, providing digital and customized energy consumption solutions.



COSCO SHIPPING Ports introduced its green applications. The total installed capacity of distributed solar energy devices on our domestic holding terminals reaches 10 megawatts, which generates about 9 million kWh annually, equivalent to a reduction of 5000 tons of CO2.