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COSCO SHIPPING Deeply Participates in the BFA Annual Conference 2024, Providing "Green" Service to Guests

Date:2024-03-28 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2024 was held in Boao, Hainan from March 26th to 29th.

As the core service provider and infrastructure investor of BFA, COSCO SHIPPING has invested nearly 6 billion yuan since 2001 to provide services for the annual conference. Among them, 250 million yuan was invested to promote the high-quality construction of the Boao Near-Zero Carbon Demonstration Area.

COSCO SHIPPING owns and operates the Boao Forum for Asia International Convention Center, BFA Hotel, Dongyu Island Hotel, Golden Coast Hotel, BFA News Center, and Dongyu Island Hot Springs. In terms of service assurance of this annual conference, COSCO SHIPPING is committed to providing warm-hearted services and continuously improving service quality.

This year, COSCO SHIPPING took the launch and operation of the Boao Near-Zero Carbon Demonstration Area as an opportunity to showcase a new business card of "green, low-carbon, and digital intelligence" by implementing technological innovation service projects. During the annual conference, the BFA News Center (a "Zero Energy Consumption” building), the photovoltaic integration of multiple types of buildings, the “breathing” curtain wall, the power generating balcony, the power generating flower fans, and the visible "brain" (the Boao Near-Zero Carbon Demonstration Area Operation Management Center) attracted widespread attention from attending guests.

The photovoltaic ceiling harnessing sunlight and the flower fans powered by sea breeze maximize the utilization of local wind, light, and heat resources, naturally providing the "green electricity" supply for this year's BFA annual conference.

Guests documented every carbon reduction action on Dongyu Island through the digital carbon reduction platform "Carbon Inclusion" mini-program developed and operated by COSCO SHIPPING Boao, and interacted with the offline "Zero Carbon Bar" intelligent scene. These ubiquitous and readily available green technologies have impressed the guests with the near zero carbon lifestyle.