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The China-Japan Route's First High-End Passenger Ro-Ro Ship Was Successfully Named JIAN ZHEN HAO

Date:2024-06-05 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On May 30, the China-Japan route's first high-end passenger ro-ro ship was officially named JIAN ZHEN HAO, to commemorate Monk Jianzhen, an ambassador of cultural exchange between China and Japan in Tang Dynasty.

Owned and operated by CHINA-JAPAN INTERNATIONAL FERRY CO., LTD., the JIAN ZHEN HAO is China's premier luxury passenger ro-ro ship, meeting EEDI Phase III requirements and awarded the CCS Green Eco-Ship notation G-ECO. Operating between Shanghai, Osaka, and Kobe, it is an advanced, intelligent, and eco-friendly vessel capable of transporting passengers, as well as cars, trucks, container trailers, other ro-ro cargoes, containers and reefers.



JIAN ZHEN HAO is the third-generation of ferry named "Jianzhen". In 1985, the first generation Jian Zhen ferry was put into operation between China and Japan. In 1994, the second generation ferry XIN JIAN ZHEN began its journey and is still shuttling between the two countries.