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COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL Inaugurates Direct Shipping Route to Paranaguá, Brazil

Date:2024-03-21 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On March 18, local time, COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL, the largest new generation of LATAMAX vessel of COSCO SHIPPING, embarked on its maiden voyage at the port of Paranaguá, Brazil, marking the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil. Following this inaugural journey, the vessel will contribute to over 50% growth and enhancement in capacity for the Brazil/Far East route, thereby further facilitating import and export convenience for both Brazil and South American east coast countries. The inauguration ceremony also serves as one of the supporting events commemorating the 50th anniversary of China-Brazil diplomatic relations, which fully underscores both countries’ recognition of shipping logistics enterprises represented by COSCO SHIPPING as pivotal facilitators in promoting trade exchanges between China and Brazil.

Mr. Zhu Bixin, Director and President of COSCO SHIPPING, Mr. Yu Peng, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Sao Paulo, Mr. Darci Piana, Vice Governor of Paraná State, Mr. Luiz Fernando Garcia, Director of Port of Paranaguá, and other distinguished guests attended the event and delivered speeches. Mr. Feng Bo, Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING, customer representatives from Midea, TCL, Hisense, XCMG, and Anjun Logistics, as well as over 120 guests from Paraná State and various Chinese enterprises in Brazil along with local customer enterprises also graced the inaugural voyage ceremony.

The container vessel COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL boasts a total capacity of 14,100 TEU, including 2,100 reefer plugs, making it the largest state-of-the-art LATAMAX vessel in South America. This enhancement in shipping space, particularly the augmented reefer container capacity, will effectively ensure the seamless import and export of perishable goods. Moreover, it will significantly bolster the development of the China-Brazil trade corridor by infusing fresh dynamism into bilateral trade exchanges and benefiting both nations’ populations.


Mr. Zhu Bixin emphasized that COSCO SHIPPING places great importance on the Brazilian market, continuously optimizing its route network layout over a long period of time. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality shipping logistics services to Brazilian customers, thereby facilitating China-Brazil trade exchanges and ensuring stability in the global supply chain. Currently, COSCO SHIPPING operates five liner routes in Brazil under its two container shipping brands. Moving forward, COSCO SHIPPING aims to bolster the stability and security of the supply chain through an expanded fleet size and enhanced services, providing superior logistics support for numerous importers and exporters in Parana State and along the east coast of South America.

Mr. Yu Peng stated that COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL holds immense significance for the Brazilian port, as it marks the first time such a vessel has arrived, injecting robust momentum into the continuous expansion of trade between China and Brazil. Furthermore, it serves as a commemorative gift for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil. The inaugural voyage of the vessel not only symbolizes the emergence of China’s new quality productive forces but also exemplifies the advancement in pragmatic economic and trade cooperation between China and Brazil. It stands as an emblematic representation of their strategic relations in this new era, extending towards vast blue ocean horizons.

Mr. Darci Piana said that the cooperation with COSCO SHIPPING comes at an opportune time, given the growth of Parana and the increasing demand for global exports, necessitating the expansion of Brazil’s business relations with China and Asia. Parana is committed to nurturing this 50-year relationship and further enhancing its commercial ties with China.

Mr. Luiz Fernando Garcia expressed his utmost delight in being able to host this inaugural voyage in Brazil and commemorate 50 years of successful business partnership with China. Parana, renowned as the world’s breadbasket and one of the most efficient ports globally, is now showcased through this maiden voyage, demonstrating a steadfast commitment towards investment to local places in order to foster logistics efficiency and drive economic development.