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COSCO SHIPPING Showcases Green Initiatives at the 2nd Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo

Date:2024-06-08 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

From June 5 to 8, COSCO SHIPPING was invited to participate in the 2nd Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo.

In alignment with this year’s theme, “The Road to Carbon Neutrality,” COSCO SHIPPING coordinated participation from five subsidiaries: COSCO SHIPPING Lines, COSCO SHIPPING Energy, COSCO SHIPPING Development, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry, and COSCO SHIPPING (Tianjin). They joined forces under the Group’s banner to showcase the innovative concepts, significant measures, and application successes that COSCO SHIPPING has focused on in recent years along the dual pathways of de-carbonization and digital intelligence. This effort is part of a broader initiative to actively promote green and low-carbon advancements in shipping and logistics. The exhibition highlighted progress in areas such as the construction and utilization of energy-efficient ships, the deployment of digital platforms, the Yangtze River electric ship project, green fuel bunkering, intelligent transport carbon reduction, and smart energy management.


The construction of green fleets is being actively promoted, with COSCO SHIPPING Lines making steady progress in the development of 12 of the world’s largest 24,000TEU methanol dual-fuel container ships. The first of these vessels is scheduled for delivery in 2026, and this fleet is expected to reduce annual carbon emissions by approximately 787,500 to 1,417,500 tons. In parallel, COSCO SHIPPING Lines is championing the use of marine biofuels and has successfully completed biofuel bunkering on several ships. This alternative fuel has demonstrated a carbon emission reduction of about 17%-19% compared to traditional fuel oil.




On display was the world’s first LNG dual-fuel powered VLCC YUAN RUI YANG. Now in operation, this vessel is expected to decrease carbon emissions by roughly 20% and cut sulfur emissions by more than 95% when utilizing LNG as the ship’s power source.




Investments are being made in the development of inland coastal charging and swapping network systems, along with demonstration electric ships. This initiative aims to boost the growth and practical use of China’s electric ship industry. As a part of this project, two 700TEU (10,000-ton) electric container ships will be commissioned as the initial batch of green, zero-carbon, intelligent electrification pilot vessels. Each ship is anticipated to cut carbon emissions by approximately 2,918 tons annually.




Its focus sharpens on the dual fronts of “new energy business” and “digital intelligent manufacturing.” The company is committed to enacting green and low-carbon practices throughout the entire product lifecycle, spanning design, production, and utilization. By championing a “digital, green, and intelligent” approach to ship design, it continues to lead and innovate. Its efforts center on researching, designing, and constructing green intelligent vessel types powered by emerging energy forms like green methanol, green ammonia, and batteries. These endeavors have successfully culminated in a range of branded green ship products.



It is vigorously offering green energy solutions to power its clients in sectors such as port operations, equipment manufacturing, industrial parks, and logistics. Notably, it has established the globe’s first “smart zero-carbon” terminal project at Tianjin Port. For logistics companies, it provides comprehensive green and low-carbon solutions that incorporate electric heavy trucks, charging and swapping infrastructures, and operational management. Its electric heavy truck Yuanfeng No. 1, equipped with an in-house developed new energy powertrain and an intelligent operation platform, presents clients with efficient logistical solutions that synergize wind, solar, storage, and charging technologies for a sustainable approach to logistics.


CHIMBUSCO Liuhe Green Comprehensive Service Area

This service area marks the Yangtze River basin’s initial achievement of carbon neutrality and zero pollutant discharge. Comprising three 90-meter-long barges with a collective length of 360 meters, it can concurrently accommodate the bunkering services of multiple 10,000-DWT vessels. The service area offers an array of integrated services including fueling, supermarket amenities, water and power provision, ship parts, pollutant reception, water transportation, express logistics, governmental services, leisure and fitness facilities, crew stations, and smart healthcare solutions. It stands as one of the most expansive and fully equipped green comprehensive service areas on the Yangtze River, boasting the largest scale and most comprehensive range of support facilities.