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COSCO SHIPPING Provides Service to Export China-made Buses to Europe

Date:2023-03-07 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

Recently, M.V. COSCO SHIPPING TIAN ZHEN, loaded with 33 buses exported to Europe, slowly departed from Yangzhou Port for Finland. This is the first voyage undertaken by COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers to support the export of China-made pure electric buses to Northwest Europe.

This batch of buses is exported for a cooperation project between Yutong Group and YES-EU in Helsinki, Finland. These buses will help reduce 5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per year for the local community, advancing the development of green traffic in Finland.

The continuous growth of Chinese bus exports shows the steady improvement of the product and brand power of vehicles made in China, yet confronted with a range of logistics challenges such as insufficient shipping space on ro-ro ships, delayed shipment, and substantial transportation costs.


To help the vehicles reach the international market, COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers used the multi-purpose heavy lift vessel “TIAN ZHEN” to carry the buses. Unlike the conventional ro/ro transportation mode the customer often adopts, the buses were loaded onboard by a crane this time.

A cold wave attacked Yangzhou when the vessel was ready for cargo loading at the Port. Despite the bad weather, the captain of the vessel guided the field operations of terminal workers, from assembling the spreader, and testing the sling, to trying to lift the first bus, with efforts being made for repeated debugging in order to achieve the best lifting performance; once the buses were loaded into the cabin, he then carefully guided the workers on the lashing scheme, paying particular attention to the lashing of the wheels and the chains under the bus to ensure cargo safety.

The multi-purpose carrier COSCO SHIPPING “TIAN ZHEN” has a loading area of more than 14,000 square meters, equipped with four cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons. Characterized by its large cabin, flat deck surface and great cargo worthiness, the vessel can be used to carry a wide range of special cargoes.

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