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COSCO SHIPPING Delivers CIIE Exhibits from New Zealand and South Pacific Region to Shanghai

Date:2023-10-19 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

After more than two weeks of sailing, the exhibits from New Zealand and the South Pacific region for this year’s China International Import Expo (CIIE) arrived at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port on October 15.

On October 17, the exhibits from New Zealand, Vanuatu, and Niue, carried by the COSCO SHIPPING container ship “XIN ZHANG ZHOU,” successfully reached Shanghai COSCO International Container Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., and were distributed and unpacked at the site. It is the first batch of LCL (Less than Container Load) exhibits carried by COSCO SHIPPING.

These exhibits are from 13 exhibitors in 2 national pavilions, including local ice cream and honey from New Zealand, local handicrafts from Vanuatu, and noni juice from Niue, which will be showcased at the Expo for the first time.

As the exclusive international segment transportation service provider for the CIIE, COSCO SHIPPING has been officially designated as the primary transportation service provider and recommended as the special construction service provider for the event for six consecutive years. It utilizes its global route network and collaborates with domestic and foreign companies to mobilize local resources. It has custom-designed end-to-end full-chain transportation solutions based on the unique characteristics of the exhibits, and successfully transported exhibits from various parts of the world to China.

By facilitating the transportation of exhibits from countries in Oceania, COSCO SHIPPING has played a crucial role in enabling local businesses to go global and access the Chinese and international markets. It has effectively served as a bridge for exhibitors to transition into traders, thereby stimulating local economic development. It has also introduced Chinese consumers to a fresh and diverse range of daily necessities and food products. Through continuous exploration, improvement, and growth, COSCO SHIPPING’s exhibit transportation team has evolved into more than just a logistics provider but also a conduit for international trade with China.

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