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Yick Fung Shipping succeeds in salving 6 Guinea fishermen trapped offshore

Date:2022-12-05 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

At 7a.m. local time on November 29th in Guinea, Jinghaixing, a charetered vessel of Yick Fung Shipping affiliated to COSCO SHIPPING BULK, was anchored off the coast of Boffa, waiting for operation arrangements. When the captain was inspecting the vessel, he found a wooden fishing boat gradually approaching the stern along the waves, and the fishermen on board tried to seek help. After communication, it turned out that the fishing boat had lost power completely due to engine failure in the process of fishing off-shore, and had been trapped off-shore for 6 days, drinking water and food on board had been exhausted, and the situation of 6 fishermen on board was very critical. To Yick Fung shipping, Danger is an order! The captain immediately arranged to provide drinking water and food to the six fishermen, and reported to the marine management personnel urgently according to the social rescue work procedure of Yick Fung Shipping, and a rescue mission against time began.

After receiving the report, Yick Fung Shipping launched an emergency rescue operation immediately, quickly checked the nearest tugboat, and urgently dispatched Yituo 104, which was assisting in barge operations in the open sea, to attend the rescue at full speed. Thirty minutes later, Yituo 104 approached the fishing boat steadily, and safely transferred the 6 trapped fishermen to the aft deck of the tugboat. After transferring, the tugboat crew provided drinking water and food for the six fishermen again. At the same time, the tugboat adopted a side-tow method that can protect the fishing boat to the greatest extent, and quickly fixed the fishing boat on the starboard side of the tugboat, ensuring that Yituo 104 can pass through the shoal of river Island at high tide and return to the port in time. Subsequently, in order to avoid secondary damage during the side-towing voyage of the fishing boat, Yituo 104 deliberately slowed down and sailed slowly, and it took 6 hours to finally arrive at the pier.

After the 6 fishermen and fishing boats were rescued, Mr. Joachim Tonguino, director of Boffa Provincial Maritime Bureau, and Mr. Sylla, Secretary General of Boffa City Community, arrived at the dock to express their gratitude to Yick Fung Shipping. Mr. Sylla said that the community is very kind to the ships of "COSCO SHIPPING". As a subsidiary company of "COSCO SHIPPING" in Guinea, Yick Fung Shipping is a trustworthy company with high-quality employees.

The gold and silver cups are not as good as the local people's word of mouth. The high praise from all walks of life in Bofa is inseparable from the responsible and active efforts of Yick Fung Shipping over the years. Since entering the Guinea project site at the end of 2019, Yick Fung Shipping has taken joint construction and sharing as an important principle of participating in the "Belt and Road" construction, actively fulfilled the social responsibilities of China enterprise overseas, and contributed to the promotion of local economic and social development. Since founding, Yick Fung Shipping has carried out 4 large-scale rescues in the local waters, rescued 20 fishermen; provided 87 local jobs, and the number is expected to increase to 164 in 2023. The company also held more than 20 social donation activities, covering 22 fishing villages around the project site. In 2022 alone, more than a thousand pounds of food, sugar, oil and other food have been donated to the local people. In December, Yick Fung Shipping will donate a ferryboat to the local government to facilitate the daily travel of residents around the Rio de la Plata. In addition, Yick Fung Shipping will also sponsor the local friendly football match to enrich the leisure life of local residents, further build a bridge of communication between the people of China and Guinea, and enhance the friendship between the two sides.

Screenshot of report by Guinea News Network in Africa

Rescue scene

Tugboat towing fishing boat back to port

Barry, Guinea employee of Yick Fung Shipping, was interviewed by Guinea National Television on behalf of the company

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