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COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Upgrades Transportation Solution to Ensure Smooth Flow of Auto Exports

Date:2022-12-30 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

While rigorously implementing polities to ensure stability in six key areas and effectively meet six priorities, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics supply chain has attempted to seize the opportunity brought by the continuously improving domestic automobile market, and upgraded its auto export transportation solution to facilitate the shipment of automobiles manufactured by FAW, Dongfeng and other Chinese brands, guaranteeing the smooth flow of products in the global supply chain for commercial vehicle manufacturers. 

Uphold the concept of key account marketing to continuously expand the service chain

Since winning the bid of FAW Logistics’ commercial vehicle transportation project, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Qingdao has been further discovering the customer’s shipping needs to optimize its total logistics solution. Up to now, the company has delivered 2,216 commercial vehicles from the OEMs and warehouse area to various dealerships in Shandong Province, with the highest delivery volume reaching more than 260 vehicles in a single day.

The transportation project involves FAW-Volkswagen, Audi, Hongqi and other commercial vehicle brands of the FAW Group, with a very large shipping volume and high cargo value. In the transportation process, the customer required 24-hour seamless visibility of vehicles enroute, as well as timely record at more than ten handover points in the electronic logistics monitoring system. The company established a special project team to implement hardware facility spot checks and operational site planning, while providing in-depth and systematic training and learning sessions in accordance with the transportation technical specifications, safety management standards, firefighting and other operational requirements of FAW Group to meet the customer’s needs for precise and digital safety management. During the project period, the project team focused on the latest pandemic developments, maintained close communication with the customer, and formulated personalized distribution plans to ensure the provision of timely logistics service, thus winning great recognition from the customer for its professional service.

Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics (GACOSCO) carried out a thorough study of the automobile market, established an innovative marketing mechanism, and dug deep into the logistics needs of automobile manufacturers. Thanks to  these efforts, it successfully completed the task of transporting the first batch of 399 Dongfeng Motor vehicles at the Port of Qingdao recently.

GACOSCO set up a special working group to customize the container transportation plan for Dongfeng Motor and actively communicate with the carriers, which enabled the successful application for 133 containers of direct shipping; it also developed a detailed and thorough container reinforcement plan according to the customer’s needs and arranged professional staff for the specific operation. The project team completed the containerization process in strict accordance with high standards and ensured that each vehicle was containerized after thorough checks. The third-party quality inspection company sent by the customer spoke highly of the overall operation of GACOSCO after the inspection.

Leverage regional collaboration advantages and open green channels to relieve shipping pressure

Recently, the Weifang branch of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Qingdao worked closely with COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Changshu and COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Xiamen to establish a cloud-based working group for shipping space booking by taking advantage of local resources, and successfully applied for 92 container slots to transport 180 new energy vehicles to Europe via the Port of Shanghai and Port of Xiamen.

Due to limited shipping space and a complicated operational process, the working group, relying on its previous experience, customized the shipping and lashing reinforcement plan in order to ensure smooth shipment and reduce the transportation cost of the reinforcement tools. It chose to reinforce the lashing at the port of departure, which significantly cut the transportation cost for the customer. Through full cooperation, this batch of new energy vehicles successfully reached the destination via the China-Europe Land-Sea Express Line. In the end, their efficient and professional shipping service was highly recognized by the customer.

Further optimize the full-process operation of commercial vehicle transportation to offer innovative logistics solutions

COSCO SHIPPING Logistics has been further optimizing the full-process operation of commercial vehicle transportation to provide innovative logistics and containerization solutions for different car models and service demands with both container and ro-ro vessels.

Recently, the Tai’an branch of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Qingdao understood from its customer that a batch of new energy vehicles still awaited shipment from Jiangsu Province to the Middle East due to a shortage of shipping space. Considering the special characteristics of the cargoes and the shipping distance, the Tai’an company created a customized logistics solution: ro-ro shipping from the Port of Taicang, which can effectively help the customer save the time of transportation and reduce the shipping cost. The project team further learned about the details of cargo handling at Taicang Terminal and overcame the COVID impact to facilitate the registration of transportation vehicles, fleets and companies so as to guarantee the arrival of cargoes to the terminal as soon as possible. As to the operational difficulties that the customer was concerned about, the project team members went to the site to supervise each link of containerization, strictly checked the reinforcement straps on the trailers to ensure that no metal wires fell off, and carefully verified the battery capacity and mileage of each vehicle to meet the shipping requirements of the shipping company.

Penavico Lianyungang seized the opportunity brought by the port’s effort to accelerate the development of a regional ro-ro cargo distribution center. By continuously improving its service and working measures, it kept close contact with the port, shipowners, and cargo owners, and facilitated the assembling of cargoes at the port through various channels such as road, railroad, and waterway, constantly enhancing the advantage of land-sea intermodal transportation through its professional and efficient service. As of mid-November, the company helped with the export of 200,000 vehicles in total at the Port of Lianyungang, among which Penavico facilitated the export of more than 100,000 vehicles as a shipping agency.

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