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COSCO SHIPPING Lines will Launch a Transpacific BCO Express Line

Date:2021-10-09 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

The continuous recurrence of the coronavirushas  intensified the conflict between the low efficiency of the global logistics chain and the blowout of market demand. Especially in North America, with the advent of the recent peak season, three major shipping difficulties faced by direct customers are becoming more prominent, which are space, delivery and pick-up issue. 

COSCO SHIPPING Lines, which always takes relieving customers' difficulties and delivering value as our mission, will launch the "Transpacific BCO Express Line” (hereinafter referred to as "Express Line") in mid-October. The service will greatly solve the difficulties faced by the direct customers, and ensure the safety and stability of the supply chain, thus alleviating the imbalance between market supply and demand for the global economy.

Faster delivery

COSCO SHIPPING Lines launched two "express lines",which are the "Prince Rupert express line" (CEN-EXPRESS) calling Qingdao-Shanghai-Prince Rupert and the "Los Angeles express line" (CEN-PLUS)  calling Tianjin-Qingdao-Shanghai-Los Angeles .

"Prince Rupert express line" is a brand-new service by COSCO SHIPPING based on its long-term operation locally at Prince Rupert for more than ten years. Relying on the combined cooperation with local railway companies, COSCO SHIPPING Lines connects express Unit-trains, creating joint advantages of sea-rail intermodal transportation, which can not only effectively avoid the congestion of LALB terminals, which is hard to alleviate at present, but also transit through Prince Rupert railway to cover the vast US Mid-West inland areas such as Chicago, Memphis and Detroit. The transit time will be 2 weeks shorter compared with the current conventional path.

"Los Angeles Express Line" is an upgraded service based on the brand service of CEN. By increasing the capacity towards US West Coast, it will further enhance our scale advantages, so as to enjoy the preferential services at the calling ports, as well as enjoy an independent and exclusive CY as pick-up area. The majority of direct customers will be able to experience an extraordinary fast delivery.

More shipping space

Five 4250 TEU vessels will be deployed on the "Prince Rupert express line", thus providing 1500 TEU of incremental weekly capacity.

The "Los Angeles express line" will upgrade the existing CEN service, by deploying six 10000-TEU vessels, and the weekly capacity will be increased by 2000 TEU.

The two "Express Lines" will provide 3500 TEU of incremental capacity for Transpacific service, which will effectively relieve the pressure on the import-export market between China and US, especially for Long Beach and Los Angeles, which are the most important destination of cross-border e-commerce, with the cargo volume accounting for more than 40% of the total import volume of the United States.

Better Pick-up service for direct customers

In order to ensure that the "Express Line" service would be accurate, fast and accessible by more customers, COSCO SHIPPING Lines relies on special line service resources to provide solid container support for all kinds of direct customers, including small and medium-sized customers and cargo owners in US.

Guaranteed scheme for "Express Line"

Through the optimization of the service and the real-time monitoring, the turnover of containers would be accelerated so as to ensure the continuous supply.

Our sales and customer service staff will offer priority to container planning, booking and rapid pick-up service for direct customers.

In general, the "Express Line" focuses on the three major challenges and makes every effort to provide the best resources to the customers in need , and alleviate their worries about logistics. COSCO SHIPPING Lines  will spare no effort to contribute to the recovery of the global economy, and deliver value as always. 

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