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The equipment manufacturing industrial cluster is also a key industrial cluster under the Group. Its business scope covers ship building, repair and conversion, offshore equipment manufacturing, and others. The Group’s equipment manufacturing business is mainly managed by COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. and COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company. China COSCO Shipping Group is the largest ship repair enterprise, a shipyard with leading technologies and an offshore equipment manufacturer receiving the most orders in China. Currently, the Group is committed to sharpening its leading edge in terms of core technologies and market share in offshore equipment and ship manufacturing and other related fields.


As the equipment manufacturing industrial cluster of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (COSCO SHIPPING), COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry is a large-sized heavy industry enterprise integrating ship and offshore equipment manufacturing, repairing and conversion, as well as related services. Inaugurated in Shanghai in December 2016, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry is committed to becoming a leading ship and offshore equipment manufacturer in China and one that ranks top in the world. As a leader in modern merchant ship manufacturing, the company owns a dozen large and medium-sized shipyards, which can build various types of merchant ships of more than 11 million DWT each year. It has delivered some 780 ships, among which over 10 types have filled in the blanks of China’s shipbuilding industry. The company is also a pioneer of offshore equipment manufacturing, with an annual production of 12 offshore engineering products and 12 sets of offshore engineering modules. It has already delivered more than 50 offshore engineering projects, covering offshore to deepwater types, including many world’s first and high-end products. Reputed as “China’s ship repair giant” and “The best FPSO conversion factory”, the company is able to repair and refit up to 1,500 ships annually, providing customers with quality, convenient and professional technical services at any coastal port in China. COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry boasts a global marketing service network, a business center in Shanghai and branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Greece, with customers spread over 100 countries and regions worldwide. It is a world-renowned offshore oil service provider and a preferred business partner of leading global shipping companies in China.

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