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Shipping Finance Industrial Cluster

The shipping finance industrial cluster is the Group’s third core industrial cluster. It involves shipping-related leasing businesses such as ship chartering, container leasing, terminal storage facilities leasing, and non-shipping leasing businesses such as supply chain finance, shipping insurance, logistics infrastructure investment and equity investment (including financial assets investment). Currently, the Group is committed to building an integrated shipping finance service provider.

Ship chartering

The ship chartering business is mainly managed by China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. and covers the leasing of containerships and some other types of ships.

China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd    


Container leasing

The container leasing business is mainly managed by Florens and Dong Fang International. The size of container leasing is the third largest in the world.。


Dong Fang International    


Non-shipping leasing

The Group will, based on ship chartering and container leasing, train financial leasing personnel and gradually develop offshore equipment leasing, logistics warehouse leasing, terminal facilities leasing and other non-shipping leasing business.

COSCO Finance CO.,Ltd    

CHINA SHIPPING Finance Co.,Ltd    

China Shipping Investment Co.,Ltd    

China Shipping Leasing Co.,Ltd    

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