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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai Begins Resumption of Work and Production in an Orderly Manner

Date:2022-05-05 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

Because the Chongming District of Shanghai has halted community transmission of COVID, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry, located on Changxing Island of Chongming District, has begun to resume work and production in a steady, safe and orderly manner, in line with the requirements of the relevant government departments of Shanghai to promote the resumption of production among enterprises in batches, and with the special inspection and work guidance given by Chongming District Government and disease control experts.

On April 25, M.V. COSCO ADEN, repaired and refitted by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai, went through all the engineering processes and set sail again, issuing the official signal of work resumption of the company.

M.V. COSCO ADEN was sent into the factory on February 28 this year. Affected by the pandemic, the repair and refitting operations were suspended for a period of time. More than half a month ago, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai began to sort out the remaining work for the vessel and the available labor force for various types of work and formulated a plan to resume work and production according to the actual situation of pandemic prevention and control in the factory.

On April 19, 48 workers from seven eligible professions boarded the vessel and started all the operations efficiently according to the work plan. They completed one project on the work list each half day, gaining the one-time acceptance and high approval from the ship owner.

In such a special and difficult period, the setting sail of M.V. COSCO ADEN raised the flag for the resumption of work of COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai and also verified the new production mode of the enterprise during the pandemic, as the first key step taken for the resumption of work of other vessels.

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